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Present in all the productive chain

In june 2001, ally with the founders entrepreneur spirit, Insol of Brazil was born.

Created from a acquisition of a industrial unit in Ponta Grossa, it became know for the presence in all soybean productive chain, planting, harvesting, storing, selling and processing the grain.


Transforming risk on opportunity e diversifying its portfolio, Insol begun the fertilizer production. With persistence made its scope broader, producing Lecsol Lecithin soybean sub-product with high household value. The shipment of agricultural products by Paranaguá Port completed the productive chain that follows all Brazilian harvest flow, from planting to industrialization and shipment.

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A 100% Brazilian Agrobussines company, Insol is present in Southern and Central Regions of Brazil, with two soybean processing plants, one fertilizer plant, four warehouses and one farm. Transol and Sulgrain partnerships completes the group operations ensuring the necessary synergy to the logistic and port operation field.

As the past conquests should always be the indicator for the future, Insol opens a range of growth perspectives for the years to come based on a permanent struggle spirit, strength and commitment.


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