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Trainee Program

Created in 2003 Insol Trainee program has as objective attract and keep Young talents offering them opportunity to enter a the Agricultural related market that is each time more demanding and competitive. If you seek challenges to start your career, are in the last year of your graduation or graduated in 2004, if you’re young, proactive, creative, doesn’t fear challenges and wants to work in a dynamic environment with great perspectives send your resume to


Insol Talents

People are the greatest company success advantage. If you believe in this, if you are dynamic, creative, proactive, entrepreneur and has some specific experience to put at Insol services, and wants to work in a company that provides a daily learning environment, challenges and career growth opportunity send your resume mentioning you area of interest to


Historical Scenario

Daring and safe
Insol´s Timeline

Shaped by the enterprising spirit of its founder, in June 2001 INSOL Intertrading do Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda. is born, consisting of a plant in Ponta Grossa, an office in Paranaguá and a port operation unit, Sulgrain.

The choice for Ponta Grossa was clear: a city located at a large road-railroad junction and close to the Port of Paranaguá. A grain processing plant at such site creates a big strategic difference to someone who was born thinking of a promising future, not to mention the significant grain production at the Campos Gerais region where the city is located.

Year after year, the idea was to be close and to respect the producer, as well as to gradually gain the market, with creativity and swiftness in solving daily problems, attracting credibility in business. All this led Insol, in 2002, to consolidate its industrial processes in order to provide quality products with no waste.

In 2003, the Group takes another step forward to enter different branches of agribusiness. TRANSOL was then created, and became responsible for conveying the companies’ cargo because of the great demand of the Group therefor and for business partners, in order to optimize freight costs. In that same year, Insol moves its administrative office to the city of Curitiba.

In 2004, growing at a fast pace, requiring a more transparent and professional management process, Insol Ltda. goes through a great change and becomes INSOL Intertrading do Brasil Indústria e Comércio S.A.

Always aiming at providing complete services and a full logistics chain, also in 2004 Insol do Brasil Armazéns Gerais was established, and warehouses were opened in the cities of Sorriso and Tapurah, both in Mato Grosso. The warehouses were duly accredited to receive grain buffer stock from the Brazilian Federal Government, through the CONAB.

Proving that 2004 was a fundamental year for the Group’s expansion, at that time Solar Atividade Rural Agropecuária Ltda. was established, to act in the agricultural production sector, and currently responsible for nearly 8,000 hectares of planted area at Tapurah, especially soy and corn.

In 2005, the Insol Group begins its activities as fertilizer importer and producer, in a leased fertilizer mixer in Curitiba.
Furthermore, in 2005 the Group’s major activity, soy processing at the Ponta Grossa unit, had a considerable boost from investments that increased the soybean crushing capacity at that unit from 600 tons/day to 1,200 tons/day. The unit began to produce lecithin, a value-added soy byproduct.

Such refurbishing in Ponta Grossa ensured not only a larger amount of products to fulfill the domestic and international markets, but also represented an increase of the already high level of quality of the products that were made there. Then and there began the development of byproducts meaning value-added commodities.

Grain storage, in the meantime, went on. In 2006, a unit of Insol Armazéns Gerais was established in Sinop, Mato Grosso.

In 2007, Insol Armazéns expanded further in Mato Grosso with the establishment of yet another storage unit in Nova Xavantina.

The highlight 2007, however, was the acquisition, in the city of Maringá, PR, of a grain storage and processing unit, consisting of a plant with an estimate crushing capacity of 600 tons/day, located at a 227,000 m² area. The unit’s several silos and secluded warehouses attain a static storing capacity of about 180,000 tons, including bulk and bagged products.

At a privileged location, served by a railroad branch-line and easy road network access, the unit is easily connected to the ports of Paranaguá/PR and São Francisco do Sul/SC. The need for swift operations and good logistics were essential for making the acquisition decision.

Because of its profile, the Maringá unit is capable of adding value to different expansion projects of the Insol Group’s companies, generating even more certainty that the path treaded so far by Insol is that of sustained growth, based on foresighted strategic decisions with deep but positive impact on all the different activities developed.

New projects abound. Ideas spring up. Some already close to becoming mature For the years ahead, we are thinking about new warehouses, the biodiesel plant, selling pesticides, the high-protein mill feed unit, and the Insol port terminal.

And 2008 is just beginning...



INSOL firmly believes that acquainting newly hired employees with the company’s business and culture leads to better adaptation to the workplace. Therefore, each of the company’s directors holds a meeting to introduce and explain the activities of their area to the new hires group.


Appreciating and preserving life is one Insol’s major concerns, especially when it comes to labor safety. With this program we intend to raise employees’ awareness about the safety procedures that are already in place at the company, and to implement new procedures to enable a sustained safe accident-free environment, and constant education for live.


A training program involving all the company’s employees, which provides all the understanding they require for the development of daily activities, positively affecting people’s performance and, consequently, the company’s results. It takes place every month, with date and topics defined by the higher management, and it is considered one of the simplest ways to spread knowledge: the collaborator who knows most about the subject, shares what he/she knows with the colleagues.




The program’s goal is to keep employees in tune with the continuous workplace improvement process. Every month employees receive reading material, to reflect and act upon. The topics are selected by the higher management, focusing on keeping a good workplace atmosphere, tuned in with Insol’s values, and on the achievement of good results, with an impact on personal growth.


Monthly 90-minute meetings, chaired by people from the management area, are provided to company managers (directors, coordinators and other leaders) who then have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and develop new skills and attitudes involving their role in the company to positively influence their own personal and professional growth and, consequently, the company’s performance.


Feedback Week was devised to evaluate employee performance and to encourage dialoguing among the different hierarchic levels in the company, by aligning individual and team efforts with the company’s objectives. The meetings are held every six months, and are useful to measure the relationship between the desired productivity and actual outcomes, providing a chance to establish corrective action when necessary in order to attain exceeding results.




Through multifunctional groups and by setting goals and results to be achieved, Insol discusses proposals for improvement and follow-up of the major expenses related to the business. The goal is to reduce expenses to the best level possible, without affecting the quality of our services.


This a way of stimulating creativity in the work environment, and which occurs by generating new ideas which can optimize the operational and business processes, and improve the quality of life. The employees who create and present ideas, provided that they are approved, are acknowledged and rewarded for the effort in seeking excellence in everything which is done.


This program aims at standardizing and optimizing internal controls, routine work, work methods and process flows in order to provide employees’ access to information and correct procedures for safe performance of their tasks within the Insol Group’s quality standards.


The purpose of the internal auditing area is to help all management members to effectively perform their jobs and comply with their responsibilities, providing them with analyses, opinions, recommendations and comments concerning the involved activities. The internal auditor acts at any stage of the business activities, whenever required. This means going beyond the fields of accounting and finance, to obtain the complete picture of the issues examined. Fulfillment of such global objectives involves:

• Reviewing and evaluating of accounting, financial and operational controls to see that they are correct and appropriate, to provide efficient controls at reasonable costs;

• Determining the level of fulfillment of the guidelines, plans and procedures set forth;

• Developing all the required tasks at the Insol Group companies, consistently and at all applicable sites, analyzing policies, internal procedures, uses and habits, documentation, systems and methods in order to have efficient, improved and standardized controls applicable to all operations and activities of the Group’s companies.



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