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Transol: The harvest in motion

As a transport services provider, Transol moves agricultural production in states like Paraná, Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul. Handles the producers’ harvests to warehouses, processing plants and port terminals as well as ensures the delivery of materials and fertilizer to producers.

Since 2003 Transol works with a modern and efficient fleet, which ensures competitive freights, and agile services. When your concern is with your product destination, Transol is the warranty that it will get there.

Solar: High quality rural production

The main objective of Solar (Sol Agricultural Activities) is to transform its assets in a productivity role model; Solar´s Agronomic Engineers Team uses the most advanced cultivation techniques, as well as developing new fertilizers. Solar also makes totally monitored harvests, which ensures high productivity levels in it’s 5 thousand soybean ha and it’s 7,5 thousand corn ha to be planted.


Sulgrain: Optimized Port Operations

Sulgrain intermediates processes of exportation and importation of several national agro industrial conglomerates that have economical activity in sectors of grain, fertilizers, sugar and general loads. The years of experience and a constant concern with knowledge renewal, makes Sulgrain professionals capable of operating the most advanced techniques in agricultural logistics.

Port operator duly registered by APPA, Sulgrain helps to optimize their clients daily operations improving their profitability.



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