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Insol Group has two industrial plants, in Ponta Grossa and Maringá, which extract bran, degummed oil and soybean lecithin, working at a full capacity grain crushing.

The raw material comes from several country regions, and it’s analyzed in laboratories located in the own units, certifying the received product quality.

A large part of the production is destinated for the foreign market, making use of the strategic location of both industrial plants, with rail and road connection to Paranaguá port. Internal market is also supplied by the units of Ponta Grossa and Maringá.

In the new projects area, Insol industrial units prepare the high protein levels bran and refined oil for biodiesel production, which will bring more value to the activity.


Industrial Unit of Ponta Grossa

In a area of 140 thousand square meters, Insol industrial unit in Ponta Grossa, has 1,2 thousand tons of soybeans processing capacity daily, and counts with 50 thousand tons of soybeans, 20 thousand tons of bran and 4 thousand tons of oil storage capacity.

A fundamental link in Insol logistic and operational chain, the Ponta Grossa unit, stands out as one of the most modern in the country, fit to reach the clients and commercial partners need and expectations. The terminals allow carrying products at the plant patio providing an efficient and appropriated logistics to rail and road transportation.


unidade maringá
Industrial Unit of Maringá

The latest group acquisition, Maringá industrial unit has an area of 228 thousand square meters and has potential to crush over 500 tons of soybeans daily.

The unit has eight silos each with storage capacity of 4,2 thousand tons and grain storage for transferring 75 thousand tons. The unit also has storage capacity of 26 thousand tons of bran, 30 thousand tons of soybeans and a general storage area also used to store fertilizers of 15 thousand square meters. Besides it has a tank capable of storing 500 tons of lecithin and 5 thousand tons of oil.

Located in a high soybean production area, Maringá unit has a link with ALL railroads, and is close to PR-323 and PR-317, ideal for transferring several products. It’s capable to produce hypro bran and work with product segregation (GMO free). For the short and long term the unit will produce biodiesel and will increase its production to 100 thousand tons per year.


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