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Fertilizing the future

Constantly increasing its participation on Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul tillage’s, and consolidating even more in Paraná and Mato Grosso, Insol fertilizers have reached a extraordinary market acceptance, attending all needs from cooperatives, small, medium and large producers.

Product acceptance can be explained by the aggressive sales strategy, allied with the product good quality, market knowledge, delivery agility, competitive prices and a different negotiation policy.

In accordance with market necessities Insol fertilizers are made with imported components and have special and specific formulas to each culture, like soy, corn, wheat, beans and sugar cane. If necessary specific formulas to each product are developed taking in consideration climatic and soil conditions.

With such apparatus Insol hopes to strongly act in the national fertilizer market, modernizing production seeking to increase its product value and improve the physical quality of the product.







News #17
jan/feb/mar 2008*

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